Land Promotion

Maximising any development potential your land might have is critical if you’re to make the most of such a life-changing decision.

Our expert team will guide you through the whole process, from obtaining planning permission to finding a developer who will purchase your site.

1. Appraisal

We start off with a no-obligation chat with you to establish mutual objectives, and explain how the process works. We then appraise the site and put forward an informed proposal to you.

2. Agreement

We sign either a promotion agreement or option agreement with you and get started. We undertake to fund the considerable costs associated with a planning application, and agree how the proceeds will be shared out.

3. Consultation

We speak to the local planning authority, local councillors, and other stakeholders to form a planning strategy. In some cases this may involve going straight to a planning application, while others may require a longer-term approach.

4. Planning Approval

Our experienced, professional team will oversee the planning process. We not only arrange architectural plans but also any surveys that may be required: archaeology, ecology, topography, trees, flood risk and so on. Once permission is obtained, we are able to attract professional investors interested in buying your land.

5. Sale

Once planning permission has been obtained then we will proceed to market and sell the site to the best bidder in the case of a Promotion Agreement or to complete the purchase in the case of an Option Agreement. Where appropriate, an external specialist land agent will be instructed to market the site and to identify the preferred purchaser.

As you can see, we make the process as simple as can be. Let us put our knowledge, experience and contacts to work on your behalf – use the contact form below to get the ball rolling.