Realise life-changing sums of money by thinking creatively about your land.

You may never before have considered that your garden could be the key to securing your family’s financial future. You may have no intention of moving home but are interested in how to raise capital from it. Or, you may simply find that your circumstances have changed and that now is the time to investigate the possible financial rewards.

The team at Coppice Land are experts at spotting the development potential of a plot of land, and will work with you to obtain the necessary planning approval, promote your land and find a buyer. There is no cost to you as we fund and manage the entire process. 

The UK is currently in the midst of a housing crisis, with local authorities around the country failing to meet their targets year after year. There has never been a better time to think about selling part of your garden to create a new development site.

We offer a personalised service which not only considers what is the best possible use of your land and how to maximise its value, but also what is best for you in terms of your future needs and plans. That underused space at the end of your garden could provide for your family for years to come. 

Why work with Coppice Land?

We add value to your land, to help you achieve a price you will not achieve on the open market without planning permission secured.

The process costs you nothing. We fund all planning applications, pay legal fees, and take care of all architectural and professional costs. You just take the uplift at the end.

We focus on housing where it is needed the most – sustainable locations in existing development areas, keeping communities together and leaving the countryside unspoilt as it should be.

Does your land have potential?

We are happy to discuss any land with development potential with you in more detail, without any obligation on your behalf. 

Please contact us here to find out more.